Zion Activity Groups


The Quilters

The Quilters meet every Thursday morning and has probably been in existence the longest of any group at Zion. Members and friends are welcome. This group is “hired” by people who have finished a quilt top and need it completed with batting, backing and stitching. The funds have been used for special projects in the church – one of the most recent is the new south door, which adds both light and a welcoming entrance.  


The Archives Committee

The Archives Committee is a small group that meets monthly to organize and maintain the memorabilia of the church collected from its beginning in 1864. Some of the treasures they have encountered include individual members’ life stories, old photos and hymn books and records of mission projects. These committee members help access these materials, which are a great reference for Zion’s place in Burlington history!


Women of All Ages Banquet

The Women of All Ages Banquet is held every May near Mother’s Day. The women of Zion cook ahead but let the men serve and cater to them during the meal. There is a program for the evening which has varied from hat and garden themes, to musical entertainment and children’s literature. It is literally for Women of All Ages – from infancy into their 90’s!


Zion In Stitches

Zion In Stitches meets the second Monday of the month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Members and friends gather with their individual handiwork projects for laughter and companionship. Some knit, crochet or cross stitch. Just  bring the needlework of your choice and join the fun.