The Consistory

The consistory is the governing body of Zion church and consists of the ministers, elders and other appointed church members. These positions are ones of service and commitment. The consistory provides for the well-being of the church, the care and stewardship of property and money and for the spiritual life and growth of the congregation.


Members for 2013 are:


Bill Daws, president
Laurie Paule, vice president

Jerry Goddard, treasurer
Sandy Elmore, financial secretary
Judy Taylor, secretary
Kaye Hanna
Stacey Kerr

Barb Botts
Rich Goble

Judy Tomkins

The Elders

Together with the minister, the elders nurture the spiritual life of the church. They are designated as a separate group for the deliberate care of all matters relating to the well-being and health of our congregation. Specifically, the elders visit those in the congregation who are home-bound or hospitalized, they prepare and serve communion and assist the congregation at services of worship in whatever capacity the minister may need.


Sharon Thye

Bill Daws

Sandra Deal

Darrell Eden

Jim Ritters

Lyle Gibson

Donald Kellar

Jim Wilson

Vivian Kellar

Martha Landstrom

Kathleen Morrish

Milton Paule

Robert Parmeter

Laurine Paule 




Elders Emeritus:


Philip Paule